November 2010 4th Edition: A New Understanding of a Dementia Gene And A Controversial Take on Happiness

There has been some positive news in Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration (FTLD) research with two groups independently identifying the role of an FTLD related gene – progranulin in binding to a cell surface protein – Sortilin.

There has been a recent PNAS study involving researchers from several institutions looking at the effects of Metformin on Alzheimer’s Disease associated neurofibrillary tangles in mice. The researchers found some evidence that Metformin interfered with tau phosphorylation and that it might have a prophylactic effect against the development of tangles. However it will be interesting to see the results of clinical trials.

Ed Yong has another edition of ‘Missing Links‘ which includes a link to an intriguing piece on the pathologisation of happiness. The article in question quotes from the abstract of an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics. This seems like a curious suggestion as achieving happiness is one of the approaches (eudonic) in the positive psychology movement and is associated with wellbeing.

There is another edition of Spike Activity which includes a link to a short piece on synaesthesia.

There is an edition of ‘Quick Links‘ at Blog Around the Clock which includes a link to an article on the evolution of the social brain which includes a discussion of Dunbar’s number as well as cranial capacity in the late pleicostene.

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