Looking at the Future of Medicine

The TED video series is an inspiring collection that highlights ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. Dr David Kraft who is an oncologist gives a talk on the future of medicine. Medicine is a combination of science and technology (i.e the application of science) and consequently medical technology is a very broad field. In this episode, Kraft focuses on medical technologies that are likely to transform and define the future of medicine. He introduces us to his own genome profiling which enabled him to make contact with a lady with similar genetic ancestry who was thereby likely to be related to him and to go on to start up a facebook group to link in with others sharing the same genotype. In a relatively short space of time Kraft then goes on to present to us an impressive range of medical technologies that are already transforming live. The current state of development of prosthetic limbs that he shows us are a quite remarkable example of this. Other technologies are just on the point of becoming widely available and he reminds us that with creativity they can be adapted for use in medicine. Technology is just one aspect of practice though and it will be interesting to see how these developments are enriched by the impact they have on people’s lives.

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