YouTubing the Motor Cortex

Looking at the Motor Cortex I undertook a search for relevant videos on YouTube initially using the search term ‘Motor Cortex’ and then expanding to include a number of other search terms (e.g Betz cells, motor decussation, corticospinal tract). The search returned three broad categories of videos – neuroanatomy videos, research videos and videos demonstrating features of pathological conditions affecting the Motor Cortex. In terms of the neuroanatomy videos Walid Aziz talks about the motor cortex and associated pathways in this video in his popular series. There is another Brainwashed software video showing the motor cortex in relation to the motor system. In terms of research videos, this video shows the principle of a system which uses surface electrode recording to record activity in the person’s brain which is then used to manipulate an object on the computer screen. There is also this video where the researcher provides a brief overview of his research in which fMRI is used in conjunction with direct stimulation of the cortex. Finally the pathology of the motor cortex is covered in several videos including this video shows an operation on a meningioma, a video showing the pathology in Parkinson’s Disease, a video which looks at the brain activity correlates of partial seizures and also a Chinese neurosurgeon shares footage of a clipping of an aneurysm in the Middle Cerebral Artery which supplies the Motor Cortex. The videos are quite diverse and offer different perspectives on this brain region.


YouTubing the Somatosensory Cortex here.


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