YouTubing Brodmann Area 6

Derived from Gray’s Anatomy 20th Edition 1918 Lithograph Reproduction, Public Domain

Brodmann Area 6 corresponds with the Premotor Cortex (PMC) and Supplementary Motor Area (SMA) which have also been covered in this post. In order to find useful video material on this area of the brain I used the search terms ‘Premotor Cortex’, ‘Supplementary Motor Area’ and ‘Mirror Neurons’ in the Youtube search engine. In this video (about 4.11 into the video), L Todd Rose groups the motor association areas together and describes their function. The California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology have a long video presentation by Dr Marco Iacoboni on Mirror Neurons. This video shows the response of different brain regions including the PMC and the SMA in response to Chopin’s Etude in E Major Op 10 No 3. There is an interesting video using the Xtra Normal animated characters to discuss the neural correlates of decision making including the PMC and SMA. These videos resulted from the first two search terms. However the ‘Mirror Neurons’ search terms produced more results and i’ve listed a selection of those below

– An RSA animation about the empathic civilisation which is very good and mentions mirror neurons in passing

V S Ramachandran TED talk on the neurons that shaped civilisation

University of California presentation on intersubjectivity again by Dr Marco Iacoboni

– Dr Marco Iacoboni at Google Talks

– Mathew Segall gives a talk on communication and mirror neurons

– A group of researchers give a short presentation on research investigating the possible relationship between mirror neurons and autism

– A brief excerpt of a presentation by Professor Rizzolatti on the relationship between mirror neurons and autistic spectrum disorders

– A New Scientist video on mirror neurons and song learning

In summary most of the material returned by the above searches relates to the mirror neurons where there is a great deal of research underway with potential for applications of the theoretical findings.

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