YouTubing Brodmann Area 8

A search for videos on Youtube relating to Brodmann Area 8 was conducted using the search terms ‘Brodmann Area 8’ and ‘Frontal Eye Fields’. This was a slightly tricky search because Brodmann Area 8 is amongst the areas in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex. However the latter terms is more relevant for a number of other Brodmann Areas and so I excluded the term from this search. There were a handful of relevant videos retrieved from the above search. There is a video of brain activity from a study by Yeo et al in this video which includes the Frontal Eye Fields (FEF). The information caption below the video describes connections between the FEF and the Parietal Association Cortex. There were a number of other videos on vestibular testing although not directly relevant to the search (although there are some convoluted associations with Brodmann Area 8). As the Frontal Eye Fields are involved in eye movements including saccades, I performed an additional search for saccades which returned some interesting videos including this one on testing for horizontal and vertical saccades, this video showing a pursuit tracker for eye movements and also smooth pursuit eye movements which retrieved this video on vertical smooth pursuit movements and this video on horizontal smooth pursuit movements amongst others.

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