Books Reviewed to Date (Last Updated 7.4.12)


Clinical Psychiatry (Excluding Neuropsychiatry)/Psychotherapy

The Old Age Psychiatry Handbook

Oxford Textbook of Old Age Psychiatry

Clinical Effectiveness and Clinical Governance Made Easy

Handbook of Psychopharmacotherapy- A Lifespan Approach

The Dementias Crossroads  Between Neurology and Psychiatry

Dynamic Psychotherapy Explained

The Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines – 9th Edition

EMDR -Casebook 2nd Edition

Jung – A Very Short Introduction

Introducing Freud

Perspectives on the Henderson Hospital

Overcoming Anxiety- A Five Areas Approach

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing


Online-Therapy – A Therapists Guide To Expanding Your Practice

Fundamentals of Adlerian Psychology

Albert Ellis

The Art of Being

The Future of an Illusion

The Interpretation of dreams

An Introduction to Dream Interpretation

On Death and Dying

Alfred Adler on the Education of Children

The Divided Mind

One Nation Under Therapy

Modern Psychoanalysis




The Man Who Forgot How To Read

Brain Architecture

The Biology of Belief

Pocket Atlas of Normal CT Anatomy of the Head and Brain

Pocket Atlas of Cranial Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Subcortical Vascular Dementia

Molecules of Emotion Book Review

Vintage Sacks

Descartes Error Emotion Reason and the Human Brain

Stroke Epidemiology – Evidence and Clinical Practice

Huntingtons Disease- Second Edition

An Introduction to Neuropathology

Seeing Voices

Mcalpines Multiple Sclerosis – Third edition



The Essentials of Neuroanatomy

The Brain – A Very Short Introduction-Unabridged


Qualitative Psychology – A Practical Guide to Research Methods

The Woman Who Couldnt Forget

Positive Psychology in a Nutshell

Phantoms in the Brain

The Executive Brain

50 Psychology Classics

The Moral Sense

Mental Health and Religion

Stigma – Notes on the Management of Spoiled Identity



Introducing Evolutionary Psychology

The Humans Who Went Extinct

Dunbars Theory on Grooming – Language, Laughter and Music in Human Evolution

Natural Selections

An Introduction to Human Evolution

Darwin and Evolution Unabridged

Language, Music and Laughter in Evolutionary Perspective

The Voyage of the Beagle

The Ancestors Tale

The Greatest Show on Earth

Your Inner Fish

Mean Genes

Textbook of Evolutionary Psychiatry -The Origins of Psychopathology

The Talking Ape- How Language Evolved



A Review of the Structure of Scientific Revolutions (Also An Interpretation of Scientific Revolutions – Part 1)

Humanizing Madness

Plato – The Giants Of Philosophy

The Philosophy Of Science A Very Short Introduction

20th Century European Philosophy

In Support of Method

The Meaning of Life – A Very Short Introduction – Unabridged

50 Philosophy Ideas You Really Need to Know

What is This Thing Called Science


Infotopia – How Many Minds Produce Knowledge


Our Time

The Borderlands of Science


Generation Text




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