Whatever Happened to Brodmann Area 27?

Brodmann Area 27, by was_a_bee, adapted from Brodmann (1909), Public Domain

The brain is a complex structure and but can be organised according to several principles. One approach is to characterise the brain regions according to the microscopic properties of these regions.  More specifically the neurons are organised differently between regions. Some regions may contain unique types of neurons. This approach to understanding the organisation of the brain was proposed by the German Neuropathologist Korbinian Brodmann and resulted in the eponymously named Brodmann Area. There are 52 areas in all and I have covered other Brodmann Areas elsewhere. One area which was a little different from previous areas was Brodmann Area 27.  I undertook a search on Medline using the terms “BA27” and “Brodmann Area 27”. At the time of writing these searches returned 16 and 42 results respectively. The only relevant studies were this one making references to cytoarchitectural properties of BA27 (as well as other areas) and this post-mortem study in which the researchers found increases in [3H] Nicotine binding in BA27 in smokers.

According to the Sylvius Neuroanatomical Reference, BA27 includes areas CA1-CA4 of the Hippocampus and according to RadLex, BA27 is synonymous with the Presubicular Area. Using these terms in Medline would produce a large set of results numbering in the hundreds of thousands. However the point is not that the search terminology is wrong but rather that BA27 has been abandoned in the research literature in favour of these other terms.


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