YouTubing the Brain’s Memory Region (AKA Brodmann Areas 27, 28, 34 and 35) Part 1

A search on YouTube using the terms “Brodmann Area 27”, “Brodmann Area 28”, “Brodmann Area 34” and “Brodmann Area 35” returned a number of videos. However after searching through the most relevant and excluding videos covered elsewhere on this site for other Brodmann Areas there were two brief mentions of the Hippocampus in the two neuroanatomy videos below. These videos provide a useful overview of cortical neuroanatomy and there are a further two in the series to be found on the author’s YouTube channel.

The obvious strategy for finding material on YouTube relevant to this region is to switch from Brodmann Area terminology to the more common usage. Indeed this was my conclusion from the Medline search on a similar theme. However using one relevant term Hippocampus opens the floodgates and there are ‘about 3420 results’ which in practical terms is overwhelming. Scanning through the videos quickly over the first few results pages suggests that most of these videos are indeed relevant. Needless to say it is not possible to watch them all and so a search strategy is needed to begin to make sense of the material. The videos below were identified by searching through the first 10 pages of search results at the time of writing and by some additional brief searches.


Here is Professor Neil Burgess giving a TED talk on the Hippocampus and its role in spatial memory. I had the great privilege of working with Professor Burgess whilst at medical school.

Here is a demonstration of how to segment and measure the volume of the Hippocampus using AnalyzeDirect software

A recording of Hippocampal place cell activity

This remarkable video shows Dendritic Filopodia in a Hippocampal slice. The significance of these structures is that they are much less well researched than other neuronal structures because of their transient nature. However they may be incredibly important for synaptic plasticity and even synaptic transmission.

Here is a reconstruction of a small piece of Neuropil in the Hippocampus using double-tilt tomography

This video shows Astrocytic Ca2+ waves in a Hippocampal slice

A voltage sensitive dye recording of a Hippocampal slice

A similar recording this time showing dysfunctional spreading excitation

Time lapse representation of synaptic strength of CA3 to CA3 projections in Hippocampus

Evidence for prospective encoding in the Hippocampus. You’ll need to read the description to understand what’s happening and it also supplementary material for a published paper.

Hippocampal – Entorhinal Cortex interactions are visualised in this video


This Modesto Junior College video illustrates the relationship between the Hippocampus and structures including the Corpus Callosum, Interventricular Foramen and Thalamus.

This video shows the Hippocampus in a 3-D model of the brain

Dr Tom Hartley has created this video showing the Hippocampus in a 3-D brain

This video shows a sagittal slice through the Hippocampus and related structures including the Caudate nucleus

This is a remarkable reconstruction of a block of the Hippocampus in the Rat

Here is a demonstration at the Medical University of the Americas by Professor Sanjoy Sanyal

There is another dissection of the brain showing the Hippocampus this time by Dr B Chikly

A Knife-Edge Scanning Microscope (KESM) view of the Hippocampus

A Whole Brain Catalogue zoom into the spines of neurons in the Hippocampus

Here is a 3-D rotation of a neuron imaged using confocal microscopy


This video shows how a Murine Hippocampus is dissected to extract RNA for analysis


Here is a video discussing SSRI’s briefly in relation to the Hippocampus


This video is a little quiet but discusses the very important subject of Hippocampal damage avoidance during whole-brain radiotherapy.

Professor Taminga talks about the relationship of learning and memory to Schizophrenia and there is a significant discussion of data on the Hippocampus

Professor Shaw talks about structural changes associated with ADHD

Author John Medina talks about patient HM who underwent the removal of both Hippocampi which resulted in him losing the ability to store new memories

This is a brief video about surgery for epilepsy caused by scarring in the Hippocampus

This video shows a Right Temporal Lobectomy for Mesial Temporal Sclerosis


Here is some reflection on the function of the Hippocampus

The Hippocampus song featuring synthesised voices


Neuroanatomy Resources

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