News Round-Up July 2012 1st Edition

Research published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease has provided further support for the hypothesis that Alzheimer’s Disease may in part result from Insulin resistance in the brain. The Amyloid Cascade hypothesis is commonly thought to be the best explanation for how Alzheimer’s Disease arises. This Insulin Resistance hypothesis is not a competing hypothesis but if proved correct would suggest a more complex model of the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease is needed. The researchers found an association between an altered lipid metabolite – ProCeramide, activation of Ceramide genes and the Insulin Signalling system in post-mortem human brains of people who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Explanation of Insulin, Glucagon and Diabetes

Three gene associations with megencephaly (enlarged brain) have been identified by a research team at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. The genes have associations with a number of other conditions including Epilepsy.

Dr Greger describes an unusual case of Delusional Parasitosis published in General Hospital Psychiatry (2010) which after further investigation turned out to be an actual case of Parasitosis.

A Case of Delusional Parasitosis

The date for the oldest human DNA extracts has been pushed back to 7000 years ago. The research team are working with two skeletons found in the Cantabarian mountains in Spain and will provide useful data for understanding human population genealogies. The oldest cave artwork – engravings of Reindeer in a cave in Wales have been dated to around 14000 years ago. Cave artwork is of interest in understanding the evolution of human cognition. Analysis of what is thought to be a distant human ancestor – Austrolopithecus Sediba suggests their diet included tree bark. Dietary patterns can provide clues about the evolution of the brain as well as the likely cognitive abilities.


2008-2011 News Round-Up

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