New Creative Commons Videos for Neuroanatomy Education

I’ve just produced 8 neuroanatomy videos under a Creative Commons License. The original data is from the Japanese Database for Life Science and is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.1 License (Japan). The Wikimedia Commons User Was_a_bee has very kindly converted the data into videos and distributed these through Wikimedia Commons. I’ve produced a short track ‘Brodmann Theme’ and released it into the Public Domain. This means that the videos can be remixed providing the relevant attributions are included for the Creative Commons licenses. I have included the Creative Commons attributions on the endplate.

Thus if you are interested in producing a neuroanatomy video using these videos in YouTube you will need to open a YouTube account. Then you will be able to select the videos and click on the remix button which will take you to the editor. Then you can change the music tracks as well as cut and paste the video into other video segments.

Inferior Frontal Gyrus

Orbital Gyrus

Angular Gyrus

Anterior Cingulate Gyrus

Brodmann Area 4

Brodmann Area 10

Parahippocampal Gyrus

Fusiform Gyrus

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