The Power of the Mind: With A Little Help from A Biofeedback Device

Neurosky ‘Brainwave Visualiser’

I was just looking into how dreams are investigated when I came across an interesting company in America called Neurosky. They describe their product ‘MindWave‘ which detects brainwave activity and converts it into data which can be used with proprietary and community developed software. This idea was really appealing to me because they combine the recording equipment with the creative possibilities of using the data in a variety of software applications. EEG equipment used in medical applications typically uses 19 electrodes and requires close contact between the electrodes and scalp. A gel is used to improve the conductance of electrical signals. In the MindWave application the developers describe a headband device with dry skin contact. They also describe the use of digital filters to address movement artefact. At this stage i’m intrigued by the concept. I was also surprised to learn that in  Japan that another device Neurosky offers ‘Necomimi’ has generated a lot of views on YouTube – just under 3 million. A person wears a pair of ears with a biofeedback device. Certain types of feedback cause the ears to stand up.

Necomimi Device

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