A Postcard From the Neandertal Valley

Postcard Showing Reconstruction of a Neanderthal Man wearing Modern Clothing at the Neandertal Valley Neanderthal Museum, Permission to Display Image Granted by the Neanderthal Museum and Tim Skellet, Copyright Neanderthal Museum

I received a postcard from Tim Skellet who recently visited the Neanderthal Museum in the Neandertal Valley in Germany. This is where Professor Johann Fuhlrott first named the species Homo Neanderthalensis after examining the remains of the Neanderthal1 specimen discovered there. Johann Fuhlrott is considered to be the founder of palaeoanthropology. Neanderthals were a distinct species that are thought to have become extinct around 24,000 years ago but have passed on their DNA to modern human populations. Recent DNA analysis of Neanderthal remains has shown how they differed from modern humans but also the significant similarity we share.

Checkout Tim Skellet’s blog here where he is writing about his current trip to Tanzania.

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