Mapping Semantic Space in the Brain

Alex Huth Gives an Overview of the fMRI Study

The Gallant Lab at University of California, Berkeley have produced another remarkable fMRI paper. In this paper the research team looked at mapping semantic space in the brain. Alex Huth gives an overview of the research in the video above. You can use the Brain Map viewer on the website. There are two very interesting things you can do with the viewer. Firstly you can see which parts of the brain light up when the research participants were thinking about specific semantic concepts. Secondly you can see what semantic concepts are mapped to a specific voxel (unit of volume) in the brain. You can also create a link to that voxel. So for instance i’ve selected a voxel which I can now share through this link.  Anyway its well worth playing about with and Alex Huth has given a great overview above so check it out!

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  1. […] Professor Jack Gallant and colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley have published a new paper ‘Natural speech reveals the semantic maps that tile human cerebral cortex‘ in the journal Nature. Readers may recall another impressive paper by Gallant’s lab in which visual experiences were ‘reverse engineered’ as subjects watched film clips whilst being scanned using functional magnetic resonance imaging. The construction of a semantic map was also discussed back in 2012. […]


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