Brodmann Area 51 – The Prepiriform Area


Dr Korbinian Brodmann, German Neurologist, Frontpiece of ‘Localisation in the Cerebral Cortex’, 1909, Public Domain*

In the nineteenth century the eminent German Neurologist Dr Korbinian Brodmann developed a brain map based on the brain’s microscopic properties. This map has been very successful and is used even today. Many of the Brodmann areas have been covered in detail elsewhere on this site (see Appendix). This post continues the series looking at selective Brodmann areas in this instance focusing on Brodmann Area 51. Brodmann does not describe this area in humans. Instead, in his classic 1909 text ‘Localisation in the Cerebral Cortex’ he provides a comparison of neuroanatomy in several distinct species. Brodmann Area 51 is described in the Kinkajou. The Kinkajou which can be seen in this video is an arboreal mammal living in Central and South America. Brodmann Area 51 is referred to by Brodmann as the Prepiriform area within the Olfactory region. Brodmann also describes this area in the Rabbit and Ground Squirrel. Brodmann also describes Brodmann Area 51 in the Hedgehog noting that it is expanded and he further subdivides this into 51a, 51b, 51c and 51d. This perhaps reflects the different significance of the Olfactory apparatus across species.


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*Public Domain in those countries where the Copyright term of the life of the author (Korbinian Brodmann 1868-1918) plus the additional country specific term has lapsed from Copyright at the time of writing

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