A Talk on Experiences of Synaesthesia and Asperger Syndrome

TEDx Talk by Wendy Lampen on Asperger Syndrome and Synaesthesia

I’ve covered TEDx talks in previous posts. TEDx are locally organised events with the theme of technology, education and design. The videos feature talks given at TEDx conferences and are generated at a prodigious rate. This TEDx talk is by Wendy Lampen, who talks about her experience of Asperger Syndrome. Lampen also has a twitter account and a blog.

Lampen is courageous in talking openly about her experiences. What is very interesting is the way Lampen describes her sensory experiences and in particular synaesthesia. In synaesthesia a person will perceive stimuli coming from one sensory modality as if it came from another sensory modality e.g seeing noise or hearing colour. Lampen gives many examples of this experience. Lampen tells us how her experiences affect how she makes meaning of the world around her, of her own self-awareness and how she uses mind-maps to provide a structure for meaning.

In the new American diagnostic manual DSM-V consideration is being given to the reclassification of Asperger Syndrome under Autistic Spectrum Disorders (Asperger Syndrome is included in the World Health Organisation’s diagnostic manual – ICD-10).

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  1. Reblogged this on Jordanfel's Blog and commented:
    Take a couple of minutes to read this one through and then watch the TEDx video. Occasionally, I wondered if a few of my clients weren’t living out synaesthesia simply because how they contextualized professed symptoms.


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