Researchers Classify Personality in Primates, Robot Phlebotomists, Happiness Index and Gene Findings News Round-Up August 2013 2nd Edition

Researchers find a link between the TOP3B gene in a Finnish population and Fragile X and Schizophrenia. The gene is linked to mRNA.

Multiple blood pressure components help to stratify the vascular risk profile – there is a write-up at MedWire News.

Researchers report initial findings in locked-in syndrome with system that analyses pupillary changes.

There is a case study of anti-NDMAR induced Encephalitis in Hong Kong.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has become a Dementia Friend.

Medifund is a crowdfunding project which is helping to fund students through medical school in countries where there is a shortage of doctors. There is a good write-up here.

Via @SameiHuda there is an intriguing JAMA study looking at the effects of a vasodilator on symptoms in Schizophrenia and it will be interesting to see the results of follow-up studies in this area.

The Office of National Statistics reports the latest happiness index with a small improvement in the UK which may be related to the Jubilee and the Olympics.


brain.1Researchers in this PLOS One study found difference in the visual system parameters between individuals.

Researchers correlate reading ability components with gray matter volume in different brain regions.

There is a brief write-up here and podcast of a small study which suggests that the lunar cycle may influence sleep in humans.

Evolutionary Psychiatry, Evolution & Culture

Evolutionary PsychiatryResearchers are beginning to classify personality types in primate species. Comparison gives hints about humans.

Study finds that chimpanzees and orang-utans use breast stroke when swimming.

Dolphins were found to be able to imitate the actions of humans even when blindfolded suggesting they switched to echolocation.

A new species of Lemur has been identified – the Lavasoa Dwarf Lemur. Lemurs diverged from our ancestors approximately 63 million years ago.

The possible origins of mammals are hinted at by this fossil.


CalendarThere is a brief write-up here of a pending Canadian conference on Dementia in October.


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