Is This Where Open Source Drug Development Leads To?

Dr Jay Bradner Gives a TED Director Talk on Open Source Drug Development

Via Slashdot there is an interesting story about a promising ‘open-source’ drug development. The early part of the story is presented in the TED Director talk above by Dr Jay Bradner. A laboratory shares a drug discovery and shows people how to create the drug. The lab even sends out free samples of the drug to other researchers. Other labs join in the research and the competition heats up – the opposite of what happens when there intellectual property rights are closely guarded. The lab is interested in where the research is leading rather than owning the whole process and any subsequent findings.

Fast forward a few years and the Case Western University research group has found a new application for the drug JQ1 in heart failure. There is still much research to be done in this area but the approach highlights how drug development may be taking a new approach thanks to ideas borrowed from the IT community.

Another interesting point to note is that this is not citizen science. The laboratories are well resourced with professional scientists, equipment and a track record. Open source drug development allows well equipped labs to collaborate or learn from each other more quickly. The potential benefits for patients are immense.

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