Do These Illusions Help Us To See Brain Waves and fMRI Study Predicts What a Person is Reading News Round-Up August 2013 4th Edition (Updated 25.8.13)

Interesting findings in a study showing correlations between blood pressure variability and cognition.

Smoking and Diabetes are risk factors that affect mortality during the 6.2 year follow-up period in this study. The study was looking at people with Schizophrenia and there is a good summary in the write-up above.

Researchers have identified ‘non-Amyloid’ forms of Dementia in Alzheimer’s Disease in up to one third of cases. While the presentation may be similar the underlying pathology is clearly different. Researchers have suggested a number of explanations. One possibility that has been raised is that the tracer compounds used for identifying plaques may be sensitive to subtle differences in Amyloid.

There is an interesting write up of research into the possible relationship between insulin and Alzheimer’s Disease.

This small study (via @Nebula63) looks at the possible relationship between Dopa agonists and habit learning and it would be interesting to see the results of further research in this area.

The project to understand protein function complements the Human Genome Project.

The most well connected online health initiatives.

This study suggests that in retirement, utilisation of free time rather than amount of time related to life quality. Researchers used quality of life instrument and interviewed 454 retirees.

There is a write-up here of how hospitals are using social media to get feedback from patients.



Researchers in this fMRI study were able to predict which letters a person was reading.

Alpha waves or not? Flickering Wheel Visual Illusion via the Neuroskeptic

One study has found altered Ventral Temporal Occipital activity in Autistic children who scored better in maths tests when compared with a control group.

This study finds that children with Autism have contagious yawning.

Identifying patterns in cognitive function with aging.

Mo Costandi has an interesting piece on the ever popular mirror neurons.

New technique separates out left and right handed molecules more easily using Palladium.

There is a brief but interesting write-up here of how the brain works on purpose or according to habit.

Changes in brain activity in the supplementary motor area during sleep correlated with motor learning.

Open Science


The researchers in this study found a prevalence of 9.1-14.4% for duplicates in searches of popular life science databases.

Developing an open source map of road traffic accidents across the world.

Evolutionary Psychiatry, Evolution & Culture

Evolutionary PsychiatryHuman activity may restrict macaques use of stone tools – possible implications for how we understand evolution.

Urban animals have bigger brains than rural animals – city living boosts brain size?

Research suggests that the lowest possible temperature for life is -20c below which cellular dehydration occurs.

How did ancient humans settle in South America over 12,000 years ago and survive the world’s driest place?

The evolution (or not) of feet.


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