A New Theory About Neurodegenerative Diseases and Brain Activity Correlated with Time Spent on Facebook News Round-Up September 2013 2nd Edition

There is an interesting write-up of a paper by Jucker and Walker in which they suggest Prion like proteins spread through brain in many neurodegenerative disease.

There is a Nature video on a research study looking at the relationship between training using brain training software and cognition in older adults.

Research suggests exercise has complex relationship with mood in Bipolar Disorder via medwireNews.

Research suggests that the expression of Sirt 1 in the Hypothalamus may be associated with longevity. In the BRASTO model expression of Sirt1 in Hypothalamus was associated with increased activity, deeper sleep and also influenced the structure of sarcomeres. Sirt 1 is supposed to mediate the effects of a specific type of diet (although recent research provides evidence against the benefits of the latter).

New research suggests that the Alzheimer’s Disease associated Amyloid stimulates the alpha 7 nicotinic receptor causing Astrocytes to release Glutamate which is involved in a process leading to neuronal cell death.

This interview looks at research into blocking mglu5 to restore memory.

In a recent development, microneedles enable patches to deliver drugs through skin with little wasted medication.

Researchers are undertaking a study into the effects of tailored activity programs for people with Dementia.


brain.1This PLOS One study suggests that emotional faces influence older adults and younger adults in listening to speech. Older adults focused more on the congruent positive facial emotional expressions.

Facebook study suggests Nucleus Accumbens activity during certain types of social feedback is correlated with the time spent on Facebook.

A study looks at cognitive skills in older adults playing video game, finding performance maintained, EEG correlates.

A write-up of a study mapping numerosity in the brain.

Waking and anaesthesia – study investigates differences in consciousness.

Haptic technology progresses – touch data recorded, stored, ‘replayed.

This fascinating MEG study suggests organisation of face and body perception in the brain.

This PLOS One study suggests having older siblings may affect academic but not economic performance.

This PLOS One study suggests delayed action rerecruits ventral stream visual information at time of action.

This PLOS One study suggests D1R and NMDAR interaction may influence link between Dopamine and Glutamate.

An Overview of current state of neuroscience via @SusanDeLeonMD.

Musician Mickey Hart uses brain activity data in his musical performances.

Evolutionary Psychiatry, Evolution & Culture

Evolutionary PsychiatryBabies engage with the sound of their parents…and lemurs suggesting a possible hardwired response. Lemurs are distantly related to us.

Researchers find that orphaned chimpanzees play for shorter periods and are more likely to be aggressive during play.

A recently discovered 23-25 million year old fossil monkey in China may be related to the extant Orang Utan which is amongst our closest relatives.

Exaptation is a process through which adaptations are utilised for another purpose and explained in this write-up of a study investigating this phenomenon.

CalendarSeptember is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.


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