A Gene for Handedness? News Round-Up September 2013 2nd Edition

This write-up at MedWire News looks at fMRI research suggesting complex differences between striatal-Prefrontal Cortex connections in people in this study with Schizophrenia compared with a control group.

A PLOS One systematic literature review on ADHD suggests (amongst other findings) that comorbid oppositional or conduct disorder increased risk taking during gambling tasks. The evidence for the comorbid oppositional/conduct disorder link came from two of the included studies.

There is a brief but interesting write-up of a proposed framework for supporting clinicians when they are making difficult decisions.


brain.1There is a very good piece on willpower by Christian Jarrett on using techniques such as routine building, gargling, distraction & clenching muscles.

There is an interesting write-up at New Scientist on the search for genes related to handedness. One candidate PCSK6 is associated with symmetry during development.

Evolutionary Psychiatry, Evolution & Culture


There was little DNA recovered from 10,000 year old copal preserved insects in this study. Copal is a precursor to amber which is relevant to an extensive collection of insects fossilised in amber dating back millions of years ago. The hope was that DNA could be extracted from these insects in this preserved state which would give useful insights into evolution. However it is interesting to note that DNA has been recovered from much older Neanderthal cave specimens and similarly for Woolly Mammoths. Indeed blood was recovered from one recently thawed mammoth. Analysis of ancient DNA is a current area of research interest which is providing fascinating insights into evolution.

Evidence of early clothing in humans and Neanderthals.

Evidence that Orang-Utans may plan their journeys many hours in advance.


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