New Developments in Sharing Clinical Trial Data News Round-Up November 2013 3rd Edition

This Alzheimer’s Research Forum article looking at new international developments in sharing of clinical trial data.

Researchers have found a link between retinal thickness and Alzheimer’s Disease using optical coherence tomography.

There is an interesting Alzheimer’s Research Forum write-up of a study looking at amyloid plaques up to 1 year after TBI.

Researchers find Alzheimer’s Disease related Presenilin mutation increases the frequency of Dementia in Alzheimer’s Disease related Amyloid Precursor Protein cleavage.

Authors on the Mental Elf Blog look at the BMC Psychiatry systematic review of internet-based interventions for eating disorders in adults, a PLOS One systematic review of music therapy, two meta-analyses looking at self-harm, a review of treatments for pain associated with behavioural problems in Dementia and a review of a randomised controlled trial on screening and counselling in primary care for intimate partner violence.

This Swedish study looks at risk factors for mental illness in over 1 million people and finds a link with downward social mobility.

This meta-analysis found evidence of efficacy of CBGT for social anxiety disorder compared to control conditions.

This research looked at the sensitivity of frontal lobe testing after MRI-confirmed right frontal CVA.

Researchers looked at a selection of smartphone smoking cessation applications and found evidence of a low adherence to specific American clinical guidelines.

A PLOS One meta-analysis confirms a link between mortality and sitting and also finds that risk modification is linked with exercise.

The authors of a PLOS One study looked at a selection of handheld medical display devices and found evidence of variation in display image quality.

A PLOS One meta-analysis looked at the utilisation of clinical laboratory tests. The authors found evidence of over and underutilisation which varied across clinical settings. The authors noted the low cost of laboratory tests relative to other aspects of management and highlight the importance of early tests.



Social networks make society ‘smarter’ by distributing knowledge/skills – study uses model of society.

Purpose in life linked to improved emotional recovery after presentation of negative stimuli in PLOS One study.


Evolutionary PsychiatryResearchers find evidence of the evolution of evolvability in Lyme disease bacteria.

Researchers find that ‘Huh’ is used across several languages and suggest convergent language evolution. The researchers looked at 10 languages.

Evidence that Neanderthals were using toothpicks and string.


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