Brain Activity Correlates of Facial Recognition News Round-Up November 2013 4th Edition

A look at cognitive tests that may be used in clinical trials with a mention of correlations with Amyloid load.

A write-up of a recently FDA approved Amyloid imaging agent.

Researchers find accumulation of alpha-synuclein in gastrointestinal system in Parkinson’s Disease.

Post-mortem brain biopsy study looks at sensitivity in the diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders.

This study suggests DNA methylation may be a therapeutic target in FTLD. However further research needed.

This small study finds anterior Cingulate atrophy in bvFTD and posterior Cingulate atrophy in DAT.

This autopsy ADNI study show evidence of 100% specificity and 80% sensitivity for detecting DLB with Occipital FDG-PET.

Australian AIBL study finds 30.5% rate of conversion from MCI to DAT over 18 months in the study sample.

This CSF study investigates biomarkers to distinguish DAT from control and finds two metabolite candidates.

CSF-Presenilin 1 complexes were elevated in DAT in this post-mortem study.

A look at the evidence on omega-3 fatty acids and cognitive decline

Failure in reverse fox test was linked to Parietal hypoperfusion in DAT

Researchers develop new preparation of Methylene Blue using nanoparticles.

Researchers in this EEG study find difference in right temporal region frequencies in DAT compared with controls.



A write-up of a study providing evidence that creativity in the arts is increasing and in writing decreasing.

Coffee in the afternoon was associated with sleep reduction in this study.

This study suggests nostalgia is linked to optimism. Subjects recalled nostalgic memories and   songs.

This face recognition fMRI study looked at the context of facial recognition. Activity in the fusiform gyrus and Superior Temporal Sulcus were correlated with facial recognition.

Researchers identify a 5th type of boredom – apathetic boredom and the researchers suggest that people mainly experience just one type of boredom.


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