Visual Depth Illusions: Turning 3-D into 2-D

Talented artist Alexa Meade has developed a unique style of painting. Meade’s style utilises objects and people as a canvas and explores the effects of lighting on perception. Meade has appeared in other TED/TEDx videos highlighting other aspects of her work. What I found fascinating about this was that she has removed the subtle lighting effects we see in the face and replaced it with paint to produce effects ranging from pop art to impressionism. When combined with a photograph of the resulting scene, the effect is to remove depth perception  providing the illusion of a 2-dimensional scene. These are opposite in nature to the anamorphic illusions we have seen previously. Therefore visual depth illusions can be classified as either positive – where the illusion increases the apparent depth in a scene or negative as in this case where the illusion decreases the apparent depth in a scene.


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  1. Wow! Alexa Meade, how It possible. I don’t except believe this, Your talented painting is very intelligent artist.
    Your painting has developed a unique style of other painting. I saw your painting video. and read your article. without doubt you are a great woman with site of intelligent.
    I don’t forget your depth-intelligent painting of my hole life.
    Realy Alexa Meade, your painting has other style.
    Thank you very much for give us your intelligent painting.


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