Developing an Emergency Medical Response: TEDx Talk

There is a short but interesting TEDx talk by Dr G Ramana Rao on developing an emergency medical response system in India. Dr Rao emphasises how the system needs the capacity to respond to 30 million medical emergencies per year. The ‘Sense-Respond-Care’ model simply states that the system must sense what and where the emergency is, respond and provide care.

In the context of the problem, it is remarkable to hear that the system is able to localise the site of the emergency within two rings to the national emergency response 108 helpline number. This is the sensing part of the model.

When the system responds, ambulance are key. Dr Rao emphasises the importance of the ambulances including boats and motorbikes.

In terms of providing care, Dr Rao emphasises the importance of the equipment, the training of the paramedic workforce and also training for the public as first responders.

Whilst this is a focus on response to medical emergencies, the scope of the talk does not include details around the various types of medical emergencies. From a psychiatric perspective there are many types of psychiatric emergencies. Sometimes these need a coordinated response between emergency services.

Looking at the larger model of healthcare delivery can often help us to see local service provision from another perspective.

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