Neurogaming: Is This a Treatment Modality?

Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD, Director of the Neuroscape Lab at UC San Francisco gives a talk on ‘Neurogaming: A Vision for the Future’. This video upload is dated March 2016.

Dr Gazzaley makes an interesting point that we have specialised equipment for physical skills (e.g. the gym) so why not for cognitive and social skills?*

Dr Gazzaley suggests that we can use games for the purpose of developing cognitive skills. Games are thought to be engaging and expected to improve concordance with treatment utilising this technology. One of the key goals of this – which effectively is a form of brain training – is the principle of generalisation. Playing a game for the purpose of becoming skilled at that game alone without generalisation isn’t a useful goal for treatment (although there are some that might disagree!).

This is a very interesting talk with a lot of evidence being discussed. The only drawback was that the slides weren’t visible for parts of the talk although Dr Gazzaley talks us through the slides and many other slides were clearly presented.

Dr Gazzaley’s lab have taken considerable time to develop games and then test them, so the presentation is a distillation of many years of research. There is also a Q&A session at the end.

* (the caveat being that physical activity can have a beneficial effect on cognitive skills so there is an interconnectedness here)

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