The Arkansas Healthcare Information Exchange – SHARE

This is a brief discussion of the benefits of SHARE, the Arkansas Health Information Exchange.

We hear Dr Leslie talking about a very common problem in practice – getting blood results for a clinic based in one organisation from a hospital in another organisation. In this case, the administration team received faxes from the hospital and would then need to physically upload them onto the clinic system.

In the video, we hear how SHARE enables this process to be automated allowing the administration team to focus on other tasks. The results are also sent to the doctor’s e-mail inbox for review.

From my perspective that is a very useful benefit of a healthcare information exchange.

There are a few more in-depth videos about SHARE on the SHARE YouTube channel.

Appendix A – Other Posts in the Series on Health Information Exchanges

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Appendix B – Definition of Health Information Exchange

This is the definition of the Health Information Exchange that I use (Hersh et al, 2015)

Health information exchange (HIE), the electronic sharing of clinical information across the boundaries of health care organizations‘.

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