Retromers and the Endosome: Small and Duff’s Dual Pathway Hypothesis



Electron Micrograph showing Endosomes (E) and Mitochondria (M) – See Appendix A for Credits

In the widely cited Dual Pathway Hypothesis which relates to Alzheimer’s Disease, Small and Duff hypothesised that although both tau and Amyloid were involved in the pathology, it was upstream regulation of both that was important. One of the upstream regulators that they suggested was the Retromer Sorting Pathway. Retromers are proteins that are though to be important in cell recycling and play a role in the Endosomes.

The role of Retromers is far from straightforward and not fully understood. However there is a useful 2012 review by Seaman for the interested reader.

Appendix A – Credits

CC BY 3.0

File:HeLa cell endocytic pathway labeled for EGFR and transferrin.jpg

Created: 1 September 2005 by Matthew R G Russell


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