Personalised Health and Care 2020: Supporting Professionals to Make Use of Data and Technology


In the 10th section the authors look at how to support professionals to make the best use of data and technology. The roadmap includes HEE & HSCIC (now NHS Digital) developing a knowledge and skills framework, a consortium led training programme for senior leadership teams, a panel of suppliers, a revised definition of the informatics profession, the development of a federation for informatics, a core curriculum for professional regulation and proposals for Code 4 Health.

What is the Framework for Action?

The National Information Board have published a document titled ‘Personalised Health and Care 2020: Using Data and Technology to Transform Outcomes for Patients and Citizens – a Framework for Action’. This paper relates to some of the other documents that have been discussed in previous posts.

The reader is directed to the original document as per the citation below.

Citations, accessed 11.5.17

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