Indexing 2017 Health Informatics Posts Part 21 – Interoperability Related Posts


SNOMED CT® in Action: A brief review of a site that shows SNOMED CT® utilisation

Mapping ICD 9 (or 10) to SNOMED CT®: A brief review of a video showing the challenges inherent in mapping ICD9 to SNOMED CT®

Over 1 Million Relationships: SNOMED CT®: A review of a presentation by Dr Kent Spackman on SNOMED CT®

SNOMED CT: A review of an NHS Digital video on SNOMED CT®

Standardisation of Health Information Technology in New Zealand: A brief review of a paper by Park and Atalag on standardisation of health information technology in New Zealand.

A Literature Review of 40 Years of SNOMED: Review of a paper by Cornet and de Keizer

Körner Data and SNOMED: A Snapshot from 1988: Review of a paper by surgeon Surgeon Mr Richard Earlam

ICD-SNOMED-CT® Harmonisation: Review of a paper by Schulz and colleagues

ICD-10 Mapping to SNOMED-CT®: Review of a paper by Rodrigues and colleagues

SNOMED CT® and ICD-11: A Shared Ontology: Review of a paper by Rodrigues and colleagues

ICD-11 and SNOMED CT® Alignment: Brief overview of ICD-11 and SNOMED CT ® alignment

NHS Interoperability Handbook: A link and brief background to the NHS Interoperability Handbook

Types of Interoperability: An overview of the different types of interoperability

Standards Applicable to the Interoperability Framework: An outline of the standards from the NHS Interoperability Handbook

The Interoperability Framework Layers: The standards of the Interoperability Framework map to the layers – this is a brief description of the layers

Egbot Presents the National Information Board’s Vision of Paperless Health and Social Care by 2020: Link to video on NIB’s Vision of paperless Health and Social Care by 2020

Paperless 2020: A link to the National Information Board’s Personal Health and Care 2020 paper which references Paperless 2020

Open EHR

Overview of Open EHR as one of the standards that applies to the interoperability framework in the NHS Interoperability Handbook.

Integrating the Health Enterprise

This is another of the NHS Interoperability standards relating to how information is shared.

The Interoperability Toolkit

In this post there is a brief overview of the Interoperability Toolkit which relates to technical and governance issues.

READ Codes

A brief overview of the Read codes which are due to be replaced by SNOMED CT® in 2018.


This is a brief overview of ebXML

The Organisation Data Service

A brief overview of the Organisation Data Service which publishes codes which map onto the interoperability framework.

The NHS Number

A brief overview of the NHS number which is also another standard in the interoperability framework.

Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture

Brief overview and video link to CCDA which is one of the standards developed by HL7


Brief overview of the organisation HL7

FHIR and Genomics

Brief reference to the application of FHIR to genomics

The Argonaut Project

Brief reference to an FIHR API development

Fundamental Principles of FHIR

Brief overview of a wiki on FHIR

FHIR Overview for Clinicians (Updated 17th April 2017)

Link to an overview of FHIR for clinicians


Review of a video on FIHR

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