Karen Horney #choosepsychiatry


Karen Horney (1885-1952) CC BY-SA 3.0

Karen Horney was a German psychoanalyst who was one of the prominent neo-Freudians. Horney trained in Germany and was one of the founding members of the Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute. Horney later moved to Chicago where she worked with Franz Alexander. Horney later moved to New York and worked with psychoanalystis Harry Stack Sullivan and Erich Fromm.

Horney was critical of a number of Freud’s concepts although utilising psychoanalytic theory as a foundation for her work on Neurosis. Horney’s works include ‘Neurosis and Human Growth’ (1950), ‘New Ways in Psychoanalysis’ (1939) and ‘Our Inner Conflicts’ (1945).

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