Blog Review: Aethelread the Unread

Aethelread the Unread introduces himself as a man in his thirties with recurrent depression. Aethelread’s description of his depression and his childhood experiences in his early articles is poignant.  I thought Aethelread’s description of his experience of psychotherapy was very funny and gave some useful insights into the ‘other side’ of the therapeutic relationship. After this Aethelread describes how blogging has helped him to achieve insights into his illness. Aethelread has many posts on the benefits system and he’s no doubt helped many readers who need to learn more about benefits with useful explanatory posts. When I was reading one of these posts, his comments about vulnerable people falling through the ‘safety net’ really got me thinking. Here was an unmet need – although I must confess I don’t know what the scale of the problem is. Aethelread also gives his five top blog awards and develops a meme idea suggested by the experimental chimp. Aethelread’s strength lies in the courage he has to write about very personal matters that sometimes are so sensitive that he isn’t able to discuss them with his doctor. Aethelread also discusses his sexuality and looks intelligently at issues of discrimination against homosexuals. For me the greatest insights were Aethelread’s description of his clinic appointments and how he felt he needed to act to receive optimum treatment. It’s hard and not necessary to summarise Aethelread’s blog but I would say that he writes in an intelligent and multifaceted  way and has a talent for communicating his inner world in a way that helps others to relate and share their own experiences. Long may his blog continue!


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