Finger Tapping and Self-Control News Round-Up June 2013 4th Edition

Researchers have clarified the function of the MECP-2 gene, a gene involved in Rett Syndrome, a neurodegenerative condition. The researchers found evidence that mutations at two key locations in the gene produce Rett Syndrome.

There is a call to publish trials in the BMJ. The authors look at issues such as publication bias and discuss solutions.

Researchers have characterised the Magnetic Resonance Imaging findings for a C9ORF72 variant of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. They distinguished these MRI findings from those in people with the C9O4F72 variant of Frontotemporal Dementia.


brain.1Andrew Ng has published a template for neural networks, a form of artificial intelligence using hardware costing $20,000 – a cost which can be achieved within many global research settings. Ng foresees this template being used to understand the functioning of human vision.

Neuroscientist Chris Chambers reports on research which suggests finger tapping can facilitate self-control under experimental conditions.

This write-up looks at research investigating the relationship between sleep quality and external noise.

Researchers publishing in Science have produced a 3-dimensional representation of the brain of a 65 year old woman for use by neuroscientists.

Evolutionary Psychiatry

Evolutionary PsychiatryResearchers have used data on snail genes to hypothesise that Ireland was first inhabited by southern Europeans approximately 8000 years ago.

Researchers have found evidence that the forerunner of the mammal may have survived the Permian-Triassic extinction event through hibernating in burrows 250 million years ago. The research took place in South Africa but which 250 million years ago was part of Gondwana.


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