Research Characterises Dementia Tweets and 11 New Alzheimer’s Disease Gene Associations News Round-Up July 2013 4th Edition


A Genome Wide Association study identified 11 new gene candidates for Alzheimer’s Disease.

A PLOS One study finds that Dementia tweets are mainly about research and health matters. The researchers encourage the Dementia research community to use this medium.

Researchers in this study identified 26 genes that are coexpressed in Autism. The genes were expressed in the Granule cells in the Cerebellum.

Researchers have announced preliminary results suggesting alterations in a BCHE gene promoter linked to Lewy Body Dementia (LBD). They found a link with 20% of LBD cases but it is important to note that these are preliminary findings.

Researchers in this study used analysis of movements to support the diagnosis of Autism.

Researchers in this study found an association between Human Herpes Virus 6 infection and cognitive dysfunction.

Researchers in this population based study in women (n=1084) found an association between mood disorders and increased gastro-oesophageal reflux disease symptoms using the strcutured clinical interview for DSM-IV-TR and GHQ-12. Lifetime mood disorders was associated with an adjusted odds ratio of 1.6 (95% CI 1.1-2.4).

In the US NIH funded REGARDS study researchers found that exercise was associated with lower stroke risk (n=27,000 for the data included in the analysis). The study found a curious difference between genders with only men experiencing a significant reduction in stroke risk.

NHS Choices looks at the recent study suggesting slower decline in Dementia and an association with ACE inhibitors. There is other research which has also examined this relationship.

Migraine was associated with variations in structure of brain arteries in this study.  Researchers looked at 170 people with and without migraine. They found an association of Migraine with incomplete circle of willis. However there were many cases without this association.

This small study (n=26) suggests Modafanil was associated with increased activation in dorsal attention networks.




Researchers have proposed an explanation for a falling buildings illusion observed with Hong Kong skyscrapers. There is a write-up here.

There was a fascinating study which suggests that the movement of mitochondria in neurons affects synaptic firing.

In one study 1121 diners were given menus with and without calorie information and the choices were compared between the different menus. The calorie information didn’t appear to influence choice.

There is an overview of and link to recent studies in this article including drugs for new Serotonin receptors in this Scientific American MIND news roundup.

Transient monocular visual impairment was associated with Internal Jugular venous abnormalities in this study.

Disney have developed a new haptic technology discussed in this post which has many potential applications.

Researchers in China have translated sign language into text in real time.

A new theory of sleep is based on the concept of ‘local sleep’ where groups of neurons exhibit sleep related activity.

This Plos One meta-analysis looks at fMRI studies and the relationship between sample size and activation foci.

Researchers in this study found evidence that bodily and facial expressions may compete for attention from the other person during social interactions. The expressions influence the  brain responses (event related potentials) of the other person.

In this study evoked response potentials were examined in adult and older adult subjects. The researchers found that older adults were slower to modify ERP amplitude response to repetitive stimuli.

There is an NHS Choices analysis of the full moon and sleep impairment study.

There is a very interesting article on how a 97 year old digital artist Hal Lasko has been producing creative masterpieces with a simple desktop painting program.

Robotic Parkour?

Evolutionary Psychiatry, Evolution & Culture


Researchers have identified two large species of Virus known as Pandoraviruses and are arguing for a new taxonomy based on their distinctiveness.

Chimpanzees were found to exhibit self-control in inhibiting responses in a delayed response task in this study.

There is evidence that creatures were living on land 2.2 billion years ago.

A multidisciplinary team have developed a mathematical theory which suggests that small organisms do not form species.

Researchers looked at the effect of social group size in two species of Lemur in this interesting study.

There is an interesting experimental archaeology study reconstructing 10,000 year old settlements in Ireland.

Researchers concluded that 7 million year old Italian ape Oreopithecus Bambolii didn’t habitually walk upright.


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