New Theory on the Action of Antidepressants News Round-Up February 2014 1st Edition


Scientific American elaborates on a recent theory about the action of antidepressants. The theory states that antidepressants enhance the processing of positive emotions while dampening the processing of negative emotions. Furthermore the theory states that this action occurs quickly. A cumulative effect results in the changes seen in the medium term. This theory should generate an interesting debate.

via @vaughanbell, the Dana Foundation has a piece on memory research in the last few decades.

Humans express four basic emotions according to this study.

Chris Chambers looks at the changes happening in Psychology research and how this might impact on other branches of the life sciences.

International Psychoanalysis have an interesting piece contrasting the two main proponents of the philsophy of science – Thomas Kuhn and Karl Popper.


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  1. Although THIS WOULD Be A NICE Way To LIVE, I Don’t Think I Would WANT To LIVE In The REAL World, (as We KNOW IT Anyways) Without DARK Emotions, Because DARK Emotions, Give Meaning To Life, Even IF DARK Emotions ARE DARK Indeed! In A PERFECT World…..I’m Not So SURE I WANT To LIVE In A PERFECT World, Without DARK Emotions…..NO THANK YOU, Medical Professional MIND Doctors, Or ANY Other Medical Professional Doctors, Either.


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