Personal Health Records in (Roehr et al, 2017): Standards


There is an interesting paper by Roehrs and colleagues (Roehrs et al, 2017) titled ‘Personal Health Records: A Systematic Literature Review’. The researchers identify three components of their taxonomy, one of which is the structure of PHR’s. This is further subdivided and they talk about standards.

The section on standards is quite detailed and is divided into the following categories

  1. Nomenclature and terminology
  2. Privacy
  3. Structural and Semantic
  4. Templates and technology standards


Structure of PHR’s in (Roehr et al, 2017)

In their taxonomy they identify the structure of the PHR as a key theme from their examination of the literature. The structure of the PHR is classified according to

  1. Data type
  2. Standards applied to the PHR

The structure of the PHR is referenced in Table 5 in the paper.

Personal Health Records

The concept of Personal Health Records (PHR) is distinct from Electronic Health Records (EHR). EHR’s are records created by a healthcare organisation whereas PHR’s consist of health records collected by a person from multiple sources (which can also include an EHR). This concept relates to healthcare apps and other sources of healthcare data.

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