Book Review: Hyper-chondriac

Hyper-chondriac is a funny book by Brian Frazer who is also a stand-up comedian. Frazer names the book hyper-chondriac as he thinks about illnesses a lot, and ones that he really does have. Frazer takes us his through his journey to calm down as he flies headlong into various pursuits such as body-building with tremendous zeal and painstaking attention to detail. He realises as time progresses that he is far from relaxed. After developing a compulsion to ‘peck’ at his sternum, he sees a hypnotherapist who prescribes two small squares that he must carry in the palms of his hands at all times. Frazer describes the ensuing difficulties he faces around his school with his typically droll humour:-

‘Unfortunately, the forearm bash had not been invented yet, so it was also difficult to greet my friends. Instead, I accomplished this with a mere jerk of my head, as if I were a giant Pez dispenser’

Frazer addresses his longstanding anxiety and anger through medication as well as a number of alternative health treatments. Indeed Frazer elegantly describes his journey through the alternative healthcare system, introspecting along the way and always catching the reader off guard with his witty observations. Family dynamics are also developed humorously through the book adding another dimension to the narrative.

This is a very witty personal narration of a journey to overcome anxiety and anger.


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