The sixth revision of the original (Bertillon’s) classification of causes of death but also encompassing diseases is referenced in this article at the WHO website.

The conference for the sixth revision was held in 1948. While previous conferences has been organised jointly between the International Institute of Statistics and the Health Organisation of the League of Nations, there had been significant changes in the years since the last conference.

The League of Nations had been created at the end of World War I to establish global peace and stability. However many countries began to withdraw from the League of Nations and following the events of World War II, the League did not continue. The last meeting was held in 1946.

The functions of the League of Nations were passed to the newly formed United Nations. The World Health Organisation as an agency of the United Nations took on the functions of the Health Organisation of the League of Nations.

The International Health Conference convened in 1946 (there is a brief reference to the International Health Conference in this letter). At this conference the decision was made to pass the responsibility for revising the causes of death and compiling the international list of causes of morbidity to the World Health Organisation.

The French Government organised the Conference for the Sixth Revision in 1948 with the French authorities and the WHO. The recommendations from the conference were accepted by the First World Health Assembly in 1948.

The sixth revision included classification rules as well as supporting vital and health statistics.

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Appendix B – Definition of Health Information Exchange

This is the definition of the Health Information Exchange that I use (Hersh et al, 2015)

Health information exchange (HIE), the electronic sharing of clinical information across the boundaries of health care organizations

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