VPs35 and Alzheimer’s Disease

DNA code analysis

I undertook a brief search of medline using the search term “vps35 and Alzheimer*” which returned 27 papers (2005-2017). Interestingly the first paper is by Small and colleagues. (relevant to Small and Duffy’s Dual Pathway Hypothesis of Alzheimer’s Disease). In this paper, the researchers hypothesise a mechanism of action for an implicated gene/protein. The researchers then analyse gene expression of candidate genes in the Hippocampus and Entorhinal Cortex in the brains of people who had experienced Alzheimer’s Disease and in controls. They supported this data with cell cultures investigating the role of the Retromer complex and more specifically VPs35. They find evidence that VPs35 alters the processing of ABeta peptide levels in the cell cultures. This provides a firm foundation for one aspect of the Dual Pathway Hypothesis.

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