Small and Duff’s Dual Pathway Hypothesis

Stylised Diagram of the Hippocampus - Frank Gaillard
Diagram showing Hippocampus, an area affected by Alzheimer’s Disease (credits Appendix A)

Small and Duff’s Dual Pathway hypothesis is widely cited (e.g see here). The interested reader is referred to the paper above. However I have outlined the salient features below as I have found them

(1) The Amyloid Cascade Hypothesis does not appear to explain all cases of Alzheimer’s Disease particularly when this is late in onset.

(2) Tau  gene mutations are described as leading to Frontotemporal Dementia rather than Alzheimer’s Type Dementia

(3) A dual pathway is hypothesised which describes processes upstream to the Amyloid deposition and tau phosphorylation and which influence both

(4) Small and Duff identify APOE4, GSK and the Retromer sorting pathway as three examples of upstream drivers

(5) When Amyloid deposition is absent or minimal but the other elements are present this has implications for Amyloid reducing strategies

Appendix A – Credits

Picture by FG Designs. Creative Commons License.

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  1. […] The Wellcome Trust have created this video on their YouTube channel illustrating the processes involved in transporting lipids around the body. The reason I have included this video here is that Apolipoprotein is a key molecule in lipid transport and Apolipoprotein E (and more specifically the E4 allele) is a risk factor for Alzheimer’s Disease. Furthermore APOE4 is described as a regulator of Alzheimer’s pathology upstream of both Tau and Amyloid in Small and Duff’s Dual Pathway Hypothesis. […]


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